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Recently, new evidence was found for the involvement of charged nitrogen-aromatic interactions in ligand-receptor binding. In this study we report two favourable orientations of a phenyl ring with respect to a R-N+(CH3)3 group, based on crystal structure statistics from the Cambridge Structural Database. In the first orientation, the phenyl ring is situated(More)
BACKGROUND Novel treatment strategies in Ewing sarcoma include targeted cellular therapies. Preclinical in vivo models are needed that reflect their activity against systemic (micro)metastatic disease. METHODS Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (WB-MRI) was used to monitor the engraftment and dissemination of human Ewing sarcoma xenografts in mice. In(More)
The synthesis and catalytic properties of ditopic mono-pincer-mono-porphyrin complexes were investigated. The statistical Adler condensation reaction of 3,5-bis(methoxymethyl)-4-bromo-benzaldehyde, p-tolylaldehyde, and pyrrole, furnished an AB(3)-type tetraphenylporphyrin, containing three meso-p-tolyl groups and one(More)
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