Huub Hamers

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The object recognition task (ORT) has become increasingly popular as a memory test in neuroscience research. Scoring of ORT performance is still mostly done by hand, which can be liable to subjective scoring. To our knowledge, no suited software is available yet since the direction of the nose of the animal cannot be tracked reliably. We have developed a(More)
The focus of neuropsychology is to understand the relationship between assessment results and everyday cognitive abilities and disabilities. However, the generalizability of traditional neuropsychological tests to real-life behaviors, the ecological validity, is compromised by the test environment, among other things. Neuropsychological tests are often(More)
In chronic addicts, the secondary handicaps usually dominate the disease pattern. There is a lack of therapeutic facilities which can be used specifically to tackle this problem. The authors introduce an institution which has been working since March 1974 with the consequent application of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) concept in the treatment of(More)
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