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A simple and effective ground electrode is described for use in human electrophysiological recordings. This electrode consists of a wire clip that holds a silver disc of 1 cm diameter which is clipped to the lower lip of the subject. It is found that this simple ground electrode reduced the background noise and/or stimulus artifact at least as effectively(More)
This research focused on the ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N) removal from the domestic wastewater using the attached growth reactors. Two types of waste material of corncob (biodegradable material) and concrete (nonbiodegradable material) were used as the carrier for microorganisms' attachment. During operation, both reactors achieved absolutely high performance(More)
The necessity of environmental protection has stimulated the development of many kinds of methods allowing the determination of different pollutants in the natural environment, including methods for determining nitrate in source water. In this paper, the characteristics of an etched fiber Bragg grating (e-FBG) sensing probe-which integrated in fiber laser(More)
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