Hussien Seid Worku

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Glottal stop sounds in Amharic are produced due to abrupt closure of the glottis without any significant gesture in the accompanying rticulatory organs in the vocal tract system. It is difficult to observe the features of the glottal stop through spectral analysis, as the pectral features emphasize mostly the features of the vocal tract system. In order to(More)
During production of glottal stops the glottal vibration has unequal cycles and is caused by laryngealization. While one can perceive the features of laryngealization in the speech, it is difficult to analyse the signal to detect these source features from the standard spectrum-based analysis methods. In this paper we propose methods to extract the voice(More)
In this paper, a preliminary investigation of the acoustic characteristics of Amharic ejectives in comparison with their unvoiced conjugates is presented. The normalized error from linear prediction residual and a zero frequency resonator output are used to locate the instant of release of the oral closure and the instant of the start of voicing,(More)
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