Hussein Walijee

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Septoplasty has been identified as suitable for day surgery, but is not commonly performed as such. Guidelines for day surgery stipulate that the unexpected re-admission rate should be 2–3 %; however previous studies have not attained this target. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the surgical and patient factors associated with re-admission(More)
Critical Care Unit (CCU) beds are a limited resource and in increasing demand. Studies have shown that complex head and neck patients can be safely managed on a ward setting given the appropriate staffing and support. This retrospective case series aims to quantify the CCU care received by patients following total laryngectomy (TL) at a District General(More)
Introduction. Inverted papilloma (IP) is an uncommon, benign yet aggressive neoplasm characterised by high recurrence rates and tendency towards malignant transformation. The majority of IP cases originate in the ethmoid region, lateral wall of the nasal fossa, and maxillary sinus. The authors report a case of an IP originating primarily from the(More)
There are a multitude of techniques to undertake tonsillectomy, with hot techniques such as diathermy and coblation being associated with a higher risk of secondary haemorrhage. The UK National Prospective Tonsillectomy Audit (2004) advocated cold steel dissection and ties to be the gold standard. This prospective observational study investigates the trends(More)
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