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The breakdown of the state in Lebanon
Farid El‐Khazen, The Breakdown of the State in Lebanon 1967–1976. (London and New York, I.B. Tauris in association with the Centre for Lebanese Studies, 2000). Pp.320. £39.50. ISBN 1–86064–320–5
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Jordan and the legacies of the civil war of 1970–71
The legacies of the Jordanian civil war of 1970–71 are still felt, 30 years after. On the Jordanian level it encouraged the growth of Jordanian identity, rallied the tribes around the monarchy andExpand
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Triumph or compromise: The decline of political Maronitism in Lebanon after the civil war
The Maronite Community had played a dominant role in the Lebanese political system at least from the late eighteenth century. However, from 1943, the Maronites had to compromise on a power‐sharingExpand
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Is a Palestinian state politically possible
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Iraq and the Region Since the War of 2003
The Iraq crisis has generated broad regional implications, including impact on regional democratization, with Iraq considered by the US administration as a model, the heightened radicalization ofExpand
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A New Version of Pan-Arabism?
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Muslim Radicalism and the Challenge of Survival
While posing a threat to local regimes in the Middle East and beyond, and the West, the militant Islamic organizations are themselves encountering a number of important challenges that will play aExpand
Is there a Palestinian civil war? The concept and the impact
The article begins by discussing various criteria considered by different authors as indicators of the onset of a civil war, such as the number of combat deaths and the duration of the war. It thenExpand