Hussein Shaman

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A miniature dual-mode microstrip open-loop resonator is proposed. Distinct characteristics of this new type of dual-mode resonator are investigated using full-wave electromagnetic simulations. It is shown that the two operating modes, i.e., the even and odd modes, within a single dual-mode resonator of this type do not couple. It is also found that there is(More)
A new wideband bandpass filter configuration with input-output cross-coupling is investigated. The new filter is based on a transmission line filter with short-circuited stubs. In order to allow the filter to exhibit high selectivity filtering characteristic and to enhance the group delay with only a few resonators, cross-coupling between the input and(More)
An ultra-wideband (UWB) microstrip filter with a fractional bandwidth (FBW) of more than 100% is designed and demonstrated. This UWB microstrip-filter design is based on a circuit model for an optimum short-circuited stub transmission-line filter whose unit Figure 4 Reflection coefficient of the ultra-thin absorber: (a) simulated reflection coefficient; (b)(More)
A general circuit configuration for cross-coupled wideband bandstop filters is proposed. The distinct filtering characteristics of this new type of transmission line filter are investigated theoretically and experimentally. It is shown that a ripple stopband can be created, leading to a quasi-elliptic function response that enhances the rejection bandwidth.(More)
A compact millimeter-wave bandpass filter for automotive radar systems is developed and proposed in this paper. The filter is designed to select the UWB spectrum (2229GHz) to meet the FCC specifications. The filter consists of two of parallel-coupled line sections that are quarter-wavelength long at a center frequency of about 25.5 GHz. In order to improve(More)
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