Hussein Moosavi

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A robust optimization model is considered for nonzero-sum discounted stochastic games with incomplete information in order to formally formulate and analyze the intrusion detection problem in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Security requirements of WSNs are taken into account to characterize the game parameters and model the player objectives. To(More)
Optimal reliable routing is studied in the context of fading wireless body area networks (WBANs). A non-cooperative game is proposed to model and analyze the strategic interactions among body-worn health-care devices when each seeks to find the most reliable path to the hub. A distributed algorithm based on the proposed game is provided and proved to(More)
Joint optimization of the physical layer security with end-to-end delay management is studied in the uniquely constrained context of wireless body area networks (WBANs). A game-theoretic framework is proposed wherein body-worn sensor devices interact in the presence of wiretappers and under fading channel conditions to find the most secure multi-hop path to(More)
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