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Mibefradil and amlodipine are calcium antagonists with different channel selectivities. Mibefradil blocks both L- and T-type calcium channels; although in the usual pharmacological doses, it predominantly blocks the T-type channels. In contrast, amlodipine selectively blocks L-type channels. The goal of the present study was to assess whether this(More)
Hypertension results in increased thickness and stiffness of large artery walls. The goal of our study was to assess the respective roles of humoral factors such as Ang II, endothelin and blood pressure in these aortic modifications. For this purpose, uninephrectomized rats received DOCA and high salt diet, and when hypertension was installed, they were(More)
To estimate the locations and intensities of pixels that would appear in the nonexistent int,ermediate slices. This paper presents a new method for generation of the missing medical slices from give two slices. It uses the contours of organs as the control paramet,ers t o the intensity information in t,he physical gaps of serial medical slices. The snake(More)
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