Hussein Joumaa

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This paper deals with the evaluation of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) at the level of their interaction. Two problems that may be a bias in the evaluation and measurement of interaction are discussed. The first one is the difference between the quantities of information carried by a unit of interaction in two systems having different architectures. The second(More)
Independent component analysis (ICA) techniques have been recently used in different watermarking schemes. However, performance of an ICA video watermarking scheme in comparison with those using classical domains, such as the discrete Fourier transform (DCT) domain, is still not clear. In this paper, we attempt to fill this gap. Therefore, we propose a(More)
Power management in homes and offices requires appliance usage prediction when the future user requests are not available. The randomness and uncertainties associated with an appliance usage make the prediction of appliance usage from energy consumption data a non-trivial task. A general model for prediction at the appliance level is still lacking. In this(More)
The global dwelling energy management problem can be formalized as an optimization problem of energy consumption/production. An optimal solution for the home energy management problem is usually solved by centralized solvers. The solver gets the totality of the thermal model of the dwelling but also each appliance composing the system. Nevertheless, this(More)
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