Hussein Hussein

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The current paper discusses first investigations aimed to lay the groundwork for the development of computer-aided pronunciation training for teaching Mandarin to Germans. We conducted a contrastive analysis of the two languages leading to a set of tokens for a production and perception experiment involving German first-year students of Mandarin. Their data(More)
This paper reports on a study of applying an HMM-based labeler along with a tailored feature extraction to Korotkoff sounds. These sounds can be heard through a stethoscope during the auscultatory blood pressure measurement usually done at medical practices. While this method works well when the patient is at rest, interfering noise from muscles and joints(More)
Pitch marking is a major task in speech processing. Thus, an accurate detection of pitch marks (PM) is required. In this paper, we propose a hybrid method for pitch marking that combines outputs of two different speech signal based pitch marking algorithms (PMA). We use a finite state machine (FSM) to represent and combine the pitch marks. The hybrid PMA is(More)
Pitch marking is very significant in speech signal processing. In a text-to-speech (TTS) system based on the Time-Domain Pitch-Synchronous Overlap-Add (TD-PSOLA) method, robust estimation of pitch marks (PM) is especially important to the modification of the time and pitch scale of a speech signal in order to match it to that of the target speaker. The aim(More)
This paper reports on the continued activities towards the development of a computer-aided language learning system for teaching Mandarin to Germans. A method for f0 normalization based on maximum likelihood estimation and tone recognition was implemented. Furthermore, a method for detecting the pronunciation errors was tested by calculating the confidence(More)
This paper reports on the continued activities to develop a computer-aided phonetic learning system for German learners of Mandarin. In the current study we used a corpus which consists of disyllables and sentences that were produced by first-year German students and native speakers of Mandarin. Half of the German group had attended an additional phonetic(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of tone recognition systems integrated in a computer-assisted pronunciation training system for German learners of Mandarin. Both the reference tone recognition system as well as a recently redesigned tone recognition system contain monotone, bitone and tritone recognizers for isolated monosyllabic and disyllabic words and(More)
Identifying bird species in audio recordings is a challenging field of research. In this paper, we summarize a method for large-scale bird sound classification in the context of the LifeCLEF 2017 bird identification task. We used a variety of convolutional neural networks to generate features extracted from visual representations of field recordings. The(More)
The naturalness of synthetic speech depends on automatic extraction of prosodic features and prosody modeling. To improve the naturalness of the synthesized speech, we want to apply the concept of Analysis-by-Synthesis of prosodic information. Therefore, the accents and phrases of the speech signal were extracted using the quantitative Fujisaki model in a(More)
This article deals with the optimization of the main element of a digital microrobot, which is a bistable module. the bistable module consists of curved beams and electrothermal actuators. A design study of the curved beam and the electrothermal actuator is presented in order to achieve the limits in line with miniaturization. Finally, An optimization for(More)