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Retroot of heat exchanger networks (RHEN) has not taken as much attention in the literature as the grassroots design of heat exchanger networks (HEN). The problem has been partially solved, either with optimisation techniques which failed in real life large scale applications or with pinch technology which did not ooer much help for RHEN in contrast with(More)
PURPOSE We compared slow vs fast shock wave frequency rates in disintegration of pediatric renal stones less than 20 mm. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our study included 60 children with solitary 10 to 20 mm radiopaque renal stones treated with shock wave lithotripsy. Patients were prospectively randomized into 2 groups, ie those undergoing lithotripsy at a rate(More)
Several algorithms have been introduced for mining frequent itemsets. The recent dataset-transformation approach suffers either from the possible increasing in the number of structures that could be produced through the execution of the algorithm or from the problem of the processing time in either projecting or decomposing the datasets. Moreover, the(More)
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