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Due to great progress in wireless communication and the existence of public channel, through which the information transferred among users, the problem related to information security increased, especially the eavesdropping and attacking of these information. These facts required the increase of the security levels of the used cryptosystems techniques in(More)
This paper presents a new clustering algorithm based on similarity and dissimilarity measurements which applied to X-Ray Images. The main phases of that paper are (pre-processing phase which including feature extraction and find correlation among features, processing phase include applying the new algorithm called similarity and dissimilarity clustering(More)
Genetic Programming Data Construction Method (GPDCM) uses in this work to handle one of the key problems in the supervised learning which is due to the insufficient size of training dataset. The methodology consists of four stages: first, represent each record in small dataset as decision tree(DT) where the collection of these trees represent the population(More)
In this paper the searching capability of build up an object oriented classification system which is capable of classification a given forest scene into its various constituents. To simplify the problem, six categories of forest structures were defined. These categories are trees, bushes, grasses, foliage, sky and background sky .They are sufficient to(More)
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