Hussein Ali

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A controlled-release formulation of an antihistamine, cetirizine, was synthesized using zinc-layered hydroxide as the host and cetirizine as the guest. The resulting well-ordered nanolayered structure, a cetirizine nanocomposite "CETN," had a basal spacing of 33.9 Å, averaged from six harmonics observed from X-ray diffraction. The guest, cetirizine, was(More)
Zolait is considered a prominent scholar and leader in the field of Innovation Diffusion and Technology Acceptance. He has published " MIS aspects of Information Security, " " Internet Banking, " " Mobile Application, " " Supply Chain Integration, " " Information Systems Performance in Organization, " " Web Maturity Evaluation, " " Performance Analysis and(More)
Genetic Programming Data Construction Method (GPDCM) uses in this work to handle one of the key problems in the supervised learning which is due to the insufficient size of training dataset. The methodology consists of four stages: first, represent each record in small dataset as decision tree(DT) where the collection of these trees represent the population(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the influence of the Big Five Dimensions of personality of the Malaysian Managers and the leadership styles these managers use on their leading change capabilities. Total sample of 105 managers was used in this study. The results of this study revealed that the Malaysian managers tend to enjoy personalities that are(More)
This paper presents a methodology for discovering classification rules in data mining. The attributes defining the data space can be inadequate, making it difficult to discover high-quality knowledge. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a fuzzy c-means model (FCM) for attribute clustering after preprocessing of that attributes (features).(More)
In this paper the searching capability of build up an object oriented classification system which is capable of classification a given forest scene into its various constituents. To simplify the problem, six categories of forest structures were defined. These categories are trees, bushes, grasses, foliage, sky and background sky .They are sufficient to(More)
MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) have emerged as a new promising networking technology that allows groups of nodes to organize themselves in order to form a spontaneous network without the use of any central entities for configuration or routing (e.g. DHCP server). Therefore, new auto-configuration techniques to configure addressing parameters (mainly the IP(More)
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