Hussein Al-Azzawi

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This paper presents a tutorial for CS applications in communications networks. The Shannon’s sampling theorem states that to recover a signal, the sampling rate must be as least the Nyquist rate. Compressed sensing (CS) is based on the surprising fact that to recover a signal that is sparse in certain representations, one can sample at the rate far below(More)
This paper presents a tutorial for network multipleinput and multiple-output (netMIMO) in wireless local area networks (WLAN). Wireless traffic demand is growing exponentially. NetMIMO allows access points (APs) in a WLAN to cooperate in their transmissions as if the APs form a single virtual MIMO node. NetMIMO can significantly increase network capacity by(More)
Positive emotional perceptions and healthy emotional intelligence (EI) are important for social functioning. In this study, we investigated whether loving kindness meditation (LKM) combined with anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) would facilitate improvements in EI and changes in affective experience of visual stimuli. LKM has been shown(More)
In this paper, we present a compressed sensing based framework for a wireless sensor based biological sensing system for recording the frequency of fish electric organ discharge. We investigate the trade-offs between the parameters of compressed sensing, such as sampling matrix, reconstructed signal’s signal to noise ratio, and compression ratio. The(More)
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