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—This paper presents a tutorial for CS applications in communications networks. The Shannon's sampling theorem states that to recover a signal, the sampling rate must be as least the Nyquist rate. Compressed sensing (CS) is based on the surprising fact that to recover a signal that is sparse in certain representations, one can sample at the rate far below(More)
— In this paper, we present a compressed sensing based framework for a wireless sensor based biological sensing system for recording the frequency of fish electric organ discharge. We investigate the trade-offs between the parameters of compressed sensing, such as sampling matrix, reconstructed signal's signal to noise ratio, and compression ratio. The(More)
—This paper presents a tutorial for network multiple-input and multiple-output (netMIMO) in wireless local area networks (WLAN). Wireless traffic demand is growing exponentially. NetMIMO allows access points (APs) in a WLAN to cooperate in their transmissions as if the APs form a single virtual MIMO node. NetMIMO can significantly increase network capacity(More)
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