Hussan Al-Chalabi

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OBJECTIVE It is a case control study, conducted in order to determine the risk factors, and to find out the perinatal outcome of abruptio placentae in women delivered at the Princess Badeea Teaching Hospital in North Jordan. METHODS We reviewed all cases of placental abruption delivered between 15th April 1994 till 26 November 1995 and to compare that(More)
Stroke is a leading cause of morbidity and long-term disability worldwide and is often the result of embolic material from the heart or proximal aorta. These are referred to as cardioembolic sources of stroke. The investigation of patients with suspected cardioembolic stroke has traditionally been the mainstay of echocardiography. Cardiac magnetic resonance(More)
Underground mines use many different types of machinery during the drift mining processes of drilling, charging, blasting, loading, scaling and bolting. Drilling machines play a critical role in the mineral extraction process and thus are important economically. However, as the machines age, their efficiency and effectiveness decrease, negatively affecting(More)
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