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The mechanism of microwave heating is essentially that of dielectric heating. After exposing the emulsion to the microwave Electromagnetic (EM) field, molecular rotation and ionic conduction due to the penetration of (EM) into the emulsion are responsible for the internal heating. To determine the capability of microwave technology in demulsification of(More)
In this research introduces a newly improved method of microwave dehydrator. A system consists of modified domestic microwave oven and silicon based chemical demulsifiers was used to dehydrate two types of petroleum crude oils from Middle East. Silicone based additives which claimed to be nontoxic are used in conjunction with the modified microwave oven.(More)
A critical assessment of the data archive system at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, is detailed with specific reference to those aspects that may be appropriate within a sustainable development context. The Purdue Terrestrial Observatory (PTO) benefits from an archive of satellite data, amassed over the past forty years by the Laboratory(More)
Contamination on power system insulation can cause flashovers and subsequent outages when moisture deposits on the surface of the insulators to form electrolytes. Fog and light drizzle have been observed to be the most conducive form of moisture leading to flashovers; whereas, rain will wash off most of the soluble contaminants on the insulation's surface.(More)
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