Hussam El-bosraty

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OBJECTIVE Nasal encephalocele may presents as a nasal mass, its treatment is surgical and it should be done early in life. When removal is indicated, there are multiple surgical approaches; including lateral rhinotomy, a transnasal approach and a coronal flap approach. However, the treatment of a basal intranasal encephalocele using transnasal endoscopic(More)
OBJECTIVE Nodular fasciitis of external auditory canal may mimic a malignant tumor due to its progressive course, so it was the aim of this study to focus on a new etiology for aural masses to avoid unnecessary aggressive treatment. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study on six children presented with aural masses that were diagnosed pathologically to have(More)
acceptance due to its excellent capacity to explore the sphenoid sinus, the pituitary fossa and the suprasellar and parasellar spaces. The prominent features include minimal invasiveness and a closeup panoramic view, which may result in more complete removal of invasive tumors, reduced postoperative discomfort and shortened hospital stay [2] .(More)
A seven month-old girl with bilateral choanal atresia presented to our institution with oro-nasal fistula secondary to a previous atresia repair. Examination revealed obstruction of both choanae and the presence of a fistula located in the hard palate. Endoscopic repair of the atresia and a two-layer closure of the fistula were carried out in one sitting.(More)
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