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A compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Leaky-Wave Antenna (LWA) is proposed. Internal vias are inserted in the SIW in order to have narrow walls, and so reducing the size of the SIW-LWA, the new structure is called Slow Wave - Substrate Integrated Waveguide - Leaky Wave Antenna (SW-SIW-LWA), since inserting the vias induce the SW effect. After(More)
Here in this article we propose a new design of Slow-Wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SW-SIW). The proposed design besides the miniaturization have the advantages of being low loss and Wide-Band. The reflection coefficient is decreased between 5dB and 10dB, the Band Width of the new transmission is almost 16.6GHz, the miniaturization is of 38% very(More)
Lebanon witnessed one of its biggest dangerous environmental crisis due to the oil spill caused by Israel bombard of fuel storage tanks in war 2006. Official reports stated that around 15000 tons of heavy fuel oil spilled in sea water. The spill threatened the maritime and human life and caused severe environmental disasters. On an international scale, the(More)
In this paper, we present a drone dual-frequency technique in order to detect thick oil slicks in ocean. From physical point of view, the problem is considered to be a multi-layers wave surface scattering model where we study the reflection of the electromagnetic (EM) waves from the sea layer covered by oil layer. The electrical properties and the physical(More)
In this paper, a beamforming system for LTE- Advanced based on Array sampling technology is proposed. Antenna Array that has been designed covers LTE mid and high bands. RF multiplexer 8x1 switch has been designed and simulated. The system is composed of agile RF frontend and FPGA digital signal processing unit.
A novel tri-band slot antenna fed by a microstrip line with rectangular tuning stub. The proposed antenna is intended for Long Term Evolution (LTE), in which the antenna covers the three bands: 758-865 MHz, 1510-1940 MHz, and 2488-2740 MHz. The antenna gives respectively 13%, 24% and 9.6% of impedance bandwidth for the upper bands considering -10dB matching(More)
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