Hussain S. Athab

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This paper presents a novel input current shaper based on a quasi-active power factor correction (PFC) scheme. The power factor is improved by adding two auxiliary windings coupled to the transformer of a cascade dc/dc flyback converter. The auxiliary windings are placed between the input rectifier and the low-frequency filter capacitor to serve as a(More)
Due to its simplicity, the discontinuous conduction mode boost rectifier is potentially the least expensive active line-harmonics reducing circuit. Problem statement: The line current however, shows considerable distortion when the peak input voltage is close to the output voltage, As a result, the input power factor is poor. This study proposes a simple,(More)
Fast transient response to step load change is very essential in a switch mode power supply. The transient response can be improved by means of feedback control method. In this paper a hardware implementation of SMPS power stage using half-bridge converter, employing positive voltage injection switching inductor (P-VISI) feedback control method for step-up(More)
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