Hussain Mohammed Al-Qassem

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We study the Marcinkiewicz integral operator M f(x) = ( ∫∞ −∞ | ∫ |y|≤2t f (x − (y))(Ω(y)/|y|n−1)dy|2dt/22t)1/2, where is a polynomial mapping from Rn into Rd and Ω is a homogeneous function of degree zero on Rn with mean value zero over the unit sphere Sn−1. We prove an Lp boundedness result of M for rough Ω. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 42B20,(More)
where, p.v. denotes the principal value. It is known that if Φ is of finite type at 0 (see Definition 2.2) and Ω ∈ 1(Sn−1), then TΦ,Ω is bounded on Lp for 1<p <∞ [15]. Moreover, it is known that TΦ,Ω may fail to be bounded on Lp for any p if the finite-type condition is removed. In [8], Fan et al. showed that the Lp boundedness of the operator TΦ,Ω still(More)
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