Hussain Malik

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Clinical data and renal biopsy study of 186 adult patients found to have nephropathy and seen at the Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, over a 5-year period (1989 to 1994) were reviewed. Primary glomerular disease accounted for more than three fourths of all patients (79%), and the most common histological lesion was focal segmental glomerulosclerosis(More)
Inhaled budesonide has been demonstrated to be effective and safe when it is used in the prophylaxis of severe asthma in adults and school-age children but has not been studied in younger patients with asthma. Sixteen children, aged 3 1/2 to 7 years, with severe asthma, were treated with budesonide aerosol, 200 micrograms daily, via a spacer for 1 year in(More)
Administration of theophylline to asthmatic children is frequently associated with an adverse influence on their behavior. The efficacy and behavioral effects of the administration of high-dose theophylline (T) and ketotifen (K) in various combinations were evaluated prospectively in a double-blind, placebo controlled study in 55 children with moderately(More)
These are the neuropathologic findings in dogs 8-11 months after a unilateral intercostal nerve transfer and anastomosis to a lumbar nerve root were performed. This is a follow-up study of a procedure that was initially carried out in the adult and infant human cadaver and subsequently in an animal model by Malik and Buhr, as reported in this issue of(More)
This is a description of the development of an animal model for intercostal nerve transfer and saphenous nerve grafting to lumbar nerve roots in the dog. Further, the technical feasibility of intercostal nerve transfer and autogenous sural nerve grafting to the lumbar and sacral nerve roots in the adult and infant human cadaaver is demonstrated graphically.
A study of ALS incidence in Nova Scotia for a ten year period was carried out with the cooperation of neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists and major medical hospitals. Over a ten year period 161 cases occurred, an incidence of 1.95 per 100,000 population in a province with a population of 825,000. There was an increase in incidence over the ten year(More)
BACKGROUND The increased use of inhaled corticosteroids in the management of asthma raises concern about the safety of these drugs in children. We sought to determine the safety of long-term administration of inhaled budesonide in young children with asthma. METHODS We studied 15 children 2 to 7 years old who had severe perennial asthma. They inhaled 100(More)
Background: To evaluate the nutritional status of children with bladder stones as a possible etiology of so called primary or endemic bladder calculi. Methods: In this descriptive study 52 children having bladder stones were enrolled according to specified criteria. Nutritional status was assessed according to weight for height or length deficit.(More)
Salivary Na+ and K+ was studied in 16 fighter pilots who were undergoing one week of intensive training for improving their tolerance to G stress. Their saliva was collected on first, third/fourth and sixth day of training. The subjects were also administered a stress coping strategy inventory to obtain scores on their pattern of stress coping. The results(More)
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