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This research constructs a conceptual model describing correlation between human behavior in software development and resulting product (software) quality. This model supplements collaboration model that exists before which approaches collaboration from the method (process) and technology viewpoint. The model in this research is constructed by mapping human(More)
As educational institutions, engineering schools strive to continue improving student's outcome. Besides, universities also need to prepare their students with creativity. It is expected that, engineering students not only have hard skills of their majors, but they also have creative way of thinking to solve complex engineering problems in the future.(More)
1 This chapter presents findings of a study devoted to investigating the factors that influence successful implementation of e-Government at a local level in a developing country context. The study is based on the case study of Yogyakarta Local Government, Indonesia. Using qualitative methods of data gathering, the study developes a conceptual model with 27(More)
Software development is a series of processes activity involving more than one person, especially in medium to large software projects. Each activity of software development is carried out by various combination of different individual. Collaboration occurs in every phase of the process software development. The right team collaboration method is one of the(More)
In the last few years, Social Networking Sites (SNSs) have grown rapidly as a new media used by people to create and maintain relationship. Ironically, Social Network Sites are also used to do deviant behaviors, i.e. pornography, racism, predators, and fake profiles. A need then emerges to reduce those deviances. This research tries to recognize the(More)
In an attempt to increase performance and competitiveness, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) requires individual and organizational knowledge. In order to disseminate individual knowledge in the organization, it is needed knowledge transfer in SMEs which facilitated by the knowledge conversion. Knowledge that will be converted in SMEs is the knowledge(More)
The rapid growth of Internet causes the abundance of textual information. It is necessary to have smart tools and methods than can access text content as needed. One of the success methods is Support Vector Machine (SVM). This paper will discuss how the performance of the SVM-GATE algorithm on extracting information from Indonesian language corpus in(More)
The success of electronic learning (e-learning) process is highly determined by the extent of learning motivation that could be identified and measured through a number of methods. This study was designed to identify several attributes used to measure learning motivation in the context of e-learning as a chance of novelty in the domain of information(More)