Husni R. Idris

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Terminal area Air Traffic Management handles both arriving and departing traffic. To date, research work on terminal area operations has focused primarily on the arrival flow and typically departures are taken into account only in an approximate (average) manner. However, arrivals and departures are highly coupled processes especially in the terminal(More)
lne network communaton is dediated to supevory control commands to configure, start, and stop a VES experiment, and to pass iformation on the status of an experiment to the operator. All real-time cotrol is implemented on the slave processor. be sysm cons two slave processors, a 20 MHz, 68030 CPU board (HK68/V30XE, Heurikon Ssytems, nc.), and a 20 NH 68020(More)
The Departure Planner (DP) is a concept for a decision-aiding tool that is aimed at improving the departure operations performance at major congested airports. In order to support the development of the DP tool, the flow constraints and their causalities in the departure process primarily responsible for generating inefficiencies and delaysneed to be(More)
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