Husnara Tyagi

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Up to 73% decrease in cost of media for plant regeneration and in vitro conservation was achieved in Curcuma longa cv Prathibha by using inexpensive carbon source and gelling agent. Laboratory reagent-grade sucrose was replaced by locally available commercial sugar (market sugar or sugar cubes) as carbon source and bacteriological grade agar by isabgol(More)
We report the successful production of high-quality gold wires, with diameters down to 260nm, by direct fiber drawing from a gold-filled fused-silica cane. The stack-and-draw technique makes it straightforward to incorporate a conventional step-index core, adjacent to the gold wire, in the cane. In the drawn fiber, strong coupling of light from the glass(More)
We present a simple refractive index sensor based on a step-index fiber with a hollow micro-channel running parallel to its core. This channel becomes waveguiding when filled with a liquid of index greater than silica, causing sharp dips to appear in the transmission spectrum at wavelengths where the glass-core mode phase-matches to a mode of the(More)
We report a novel splicing-based pressure-assisted melt-filling technique for creating metallic nanowires in hollow channels in microstructured silica fibers. Wires with diameters as small as 120 nm (typical aspect ration 50:1) could be realized at a filling pressure of 300 bar. As an example we investigate a conventional single-mode step-index fiber with a(More)
Using a selective hole closure technique, individual hollow channels in silica-air photonic crystal fibers are filled with pure Ge by pumping in molten material at high pressure. The smallest channels filled so far are 600 nm in diameter, which is 10x smaller than in previous work. Electrical conductivity and micro-Raman measurements indicate that the(More)
We demonstrate active beam steering of terahertz radiation using a photo-excited thin layer of gallium arsenide. A constant gradient of phase discontinuity along the interface is introduced by an spatially inhomogeneous density of free charge carriers that are photo-generated in the GaAs with an optical pump. The optical pump has been spatially modulated to(More)
Electromagnetic resonances in conducting structures give rise to the enhancement of local fields and extinction efficiencies. Conducting structures are conventionally fabricated with a fixed geometry that determines their resonant response. Here, we challenge this conventional approach by demonstrating the photo-generation of THz linear antennas on a flat(More)
Here we review on our results of photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) which have been filled with solid materials such as metals, semiconductors and low-melting temperature compound glasses. As filling method we used the high-temperature pressure cell technique. Depending on the material in the air-holes, we observed the excitation of spiralling plasmonic modes,(More)
Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) consist of arrays of micrometer-size hollow channels extending along the entire fiber length. A new approach to modify the optical properties and to improve the design flexibility of such fibers is to fill the air holes of the array by with different materials, realizing all-solid hybrid fiber structures. In this talk, recent(More)