Husna Abd. Rahman

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Although diffractive contact lenses have been well documented in theory, no definitive experimental data have been reported which confirm that the near image is in fact created by diffraction rather than by refraction. We have tested the diffraction hypothesis for one type of diffractive contact lens (the Hydron Echelon bifocal) experimentally by measuring(More)
In the last few decades, dental clinicians face increasing demands and expectations for accurate color matching due to the increasing attention given by the media and patients to esthetic dentistry. Hence, precise color matching has become an even more critical success factor for esthetic restoration. The subjective color perception of an observer leads to(More)
This technical paper presents a simulation of three probes reflectometer system for complex reflection coefficient measurement. This involves designing a circuit of Reflectometer using Genesys software. The simulation results and data from published Three-Probe Reflectometer measurement system is being compared to show the accuracy of the simulation(More)
Lightweight composite material is more preferable than metal and metal alloys in engineering applications however uncertainty in its failure prediction hinder widespread usage. Vibration response as damage detection is widely used however its usage on composite material is very restricted due to its nonlinear and non homogenous property. This paper attempts(More)
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