Huseyin Wilbur

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PURPOSE We compared efficacy, morbidity and cost of mini-laparotomy pelvic lymph node dissection and laparoscopic pelvic lymph node dissection. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 40 patients underwent mini-laparatomy, laparoscopic or standard pelvic lymph node dissection during a 24-month period. Nodal yield, complications, hospitalization and postoperative(More)
The concentrations of moxalactam in human prostatic tissue, obtained by enucleation or transurethral resection, were measured in 10 patients after the intramuscular administration of two 500-mg doses. The average concentrations of moxalactam in prostatic tissue in the enucleated and transurethral resection specimens were 4.0 micrograms/g and 5.2(More)
  • Woo Choel Shin, Preyas S, +5 authors Yildirim
The Company that You Keep: Abstract Search advertising refers to the practice where advertisers place their text‐based advertisement on the search engineʹs result page along with the organic search results. With its growing importance, search advertising has seen a recent surge in academic interest. However, the literature has been ignoring some practical(More)
The radioactive inert gas xenon (133Xe) is a well-established isotopic indicator used to assess vascular status in many organ systems. We employed xenon-133 to evaluate male impotence. Xenon-133 was injected subcutaneously at the level of the coronal sulcus in the detumescent state. Using the gamma camera, sequential images were obtained and(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that calcium storage and release from IP-3-dependent sites in the sarcoplasmic reticulum play an important role in the contractile response of the rabbit urinary bladder to both field stimulation (mediated via neurotransmitter release) and bethanechol (direct muscarinic stimulation). In view of the importance of SERCA in(More)
The concentrations of azlocillin and mezlocillin in human prostatic tissue obtained by transurethral resection or enucleation were measured after two 2.0-gram doses of either drug. The average plasma concentration of azlocillin and mezlocillin at time of tissue sampling was 64.9 and 36.3 micrograms/ml, respectively, and tissue concentration at the time of(More)