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Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease characterized by noncaseating granulomas. Thyroid involvement is rare in sarcoidosis. In this paper, two sarcoidosis patients who demonstrated cold thyroid nodules are presented. A 42-year-old woman presented with multinodular goiter and was diagnosed as having sarcoidosis when noncaseating granulomas were observed during(More)
Little is known about the presentation, management, outcome, and recurrence of hydatid cyst perforations. We reviewed the charts of all patients admitted to our emergency service for 7 years to identify patients who were surgically treated for intra-peritoneal hydatid cyst perforations. Twelve hydatid cysts were identified in 7 patients (5 males; median age(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to show the effect of simvastatin on intra-abdominal adhesion formation. METHOD Adhesion formation was achieved by scratching the cecum and anterior abdominal wall following median laparotomy. Three different groups of 10 rats each were formed. In group I, 0.57 mg/kg/day simvastatin was injected intraperitoneally right after(More)
STUDY DESIGN Clinical cross-sectional study. OBJECTIVES To investigate the cartilage degradation by turnover of C-telopeptide fragments of collagen type-II (CTX-II), a molecule specific for articular cartilage in spinal cord injured patients with respect to clinical functional status. SETTING Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics, hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Metastasis in the axillary lymph nodes is the most important known prognostic factor for breast cancer. We aimed to investigate the contribution of the radioisotope tracer method to the dye-only method by performing sentinel lymph node biopsy on the same patient group during a single surgical session. METHODS Forty-two patients who underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Seroma formation is the most common complication after breast cancer surgery. It is an important complication since it prolongs therapy duration, increases cost, and negatively affects patient psychology. Currently, there is no widely accepted method that prevents seroma formation. We tried to investigate impact of local phenytoin application on(More)
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