Huseyin Ridvan Ilhan

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The Currarino triad is a combination of a presacral mass, a congenital sacral bony abnormality and an anorectal malformation. It mostly presents with constipation. Rectal examination, plain radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging are the main tools for the diagnosis. If the mass is a meningocele, colostomy and neurosurgical exploration should precede(More)
Fibroepithelial polyps are a rare underlying reason of ureteropelvic junction obstruction. In the past, open surgery was the only option. However, due to development of minimal invasive technics, treatment alternatives have been changed. Resection by laparoscopy or endoscopy, laser fulguration and/or percutaneous resection are recommended in children and(More)
A woman was referred to our hospital with the working diagnosis of ovarian malignancy. While she was undergoing both clinical and radiological evaluation and monitoring, a decrease in the size of the ovarian mass was noted. After further evaluation via laboratory findings and tissue biopsy, we arrived at a final diagnosis of sarcoidosis, which is very(More)
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