Huseyin Levent Akin

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Mediastinal lymph node dissection, an important part of surgery for non-small cell lung cancer, is associated with a risk of chylothorax. Although mortality has significantly decreased in recent years, it still worries thoracic surgeons. In this report we reviewed our experience on chylothorax with 26 cases and assessed the outcomes after conservative and(More)
BACKGROUND There is no objective data in the literature to support the statement that shoulder-girdle strength can be preserved better after muscle-sparing thoracotomy compared with standard thoracotomy. The aim of this study is to determine the decrease on muscle strength with objective criteria by measuring the peak torque value produced by the shoulder(More)
Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are systems that allow human subjects to interact with the environment by interpreting brain signals into machine commands. This work provides a design for a BCI to control a humanoid robot by using signals obtained from the Emotiv EPOC, a portable electroencephalogram (EEG) device with 14 electrodes and sampling rate of 128(More)
This paper presents a high performance and robust system for traffic sign recognition with digital map fusion. The proposed system is enhanced by fusion of different sensors and recognition is improved. Traffic sign is detected by a monochrome camera added by a reflective surface detector whereas recognition is achieved by a template matching algorithm.(More)
This paper describes a Decision Support System for Disaster Management (DSS-DM) to aid operational and strategic planning and policy-making for disaster mitigation and preparedness in a less-developed infrastructural context. Such contexts require a more flexible and robust system for fast prediction of damage and losses. The proposed system is specifically(More)
Orlistat, an inhibitor of digestive lipases, is widely used for the treatment of obesity. Previous reports on the effect of orally ingested orlistat together with a meal on gastric emptying and secretion of gut peptides that modulate postprandial responses are controversial. We investigated the effect of ingested orlistat on gastric emptying and plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous iron (IVIR) administration is widely used to treat anemia in chronic renal failure (CRF) patients and causes oxidative stress. Despite the fact that proteins are extremely susceptible to oxidative stress, there have been no studies investigating the relationship between the severity of iron-induced acute oxidative stress and serum(More)
BACKGROUND Chylothorax following lung resection is not as rare as a postoperative complication as previously reported due to systematic lymph node dissection in patients undergoing lung resection for NSCLC. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed our cases that had undergone lung resection for NSCLC and investigated the frequency and outcome of chylothorax in(More)