Husamettin Uysal

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Auscultation and analysing of lung sound is widely used in clinical area for diagnosis of lung diseases. Due to the non-stationary nature of lung sounds conventional frequency analysis technique is not a successful method for respiratory sound analysis. In this paper, classification of normal and abnormal lung sound using wavelet coefficient intended.(More)
In this paper, a 24 GHz millimeter wave (mm-wave) short range radar system is presented. In the designed radar system, there is one transmitter and one receiver channel. The transmitter channel has +9 dBm output power and 24 GHz output carrier signal is modulated with 20 ns square wave by SPDT switch. At the receiver channel, there are two LNAs, which have(More)
In this paper, 24 GHz short-range radar measurements and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging results are presented. The designed radar system has one transmitter and one receiver channel and 24 GHz output carrier signal is modulated with 50 MHz square wave at the transmitter channel. In the measurement, horn antennas are used for synthetic radar imaging(More)
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