Husam Ahmed Al Hamad

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—Using an efficient neural network for recognition and segmentation will definitely improve the performance and accuracy of the results; in addition to reduce the efforts and costs. This paper investigates and compares between results of four different artificial neural network models. The same algorithm has been applied for all with applying two major(More)
The impact of increased and varied mobile phone applications in the context of Qur'an is growing rapidly. Qur'an-based software products have been developed at the cutting edge of technological innovation. The developers and content providers do try to respond with applications which focus on specific Muslim branches and affiliations, as well as particular(More)
— In this paper, we describe a Cloud-Based Cross LANGUAGE Search engine, which aims at providing a unifying framework for searching the Quranic verses in multi-language. It uses Drupal technology for the implementation Includes all necessary components for searching, building mobile applications and social networks around the central theme of Qur'an. A(More)
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