Hurshell Hunt

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The efficacy of three non-antibiotic products (copper sulphate, formalin and peracetic acid) was compared with the efficacy of erythromycin, when the four substances were applied in footbaths for the treatment of cows with digital dermatitis. The cows were divided into four groups on the basis of their current housing and randomly allocated to one of the(More)
We assessed the variability of point-wise static threshold values and the components of fluctuation outside the central 30° field in 20 normal individuals tested on the Humphrey field analyzer. We found a mean short-term fluctuation of 2.37 dB, a long-term heterogeneous fluctuation of 5.28 dB, and a long-term homogeneous fluctuation of 1.10 dB. All(More)
Ninety-eight patients were admitted to a single-blind parallel study comparing the efficacy of naproxen sodium with a paracetamol/dextropropoxyphene combination in the treatment of soft-tissue disorders. The two study groups were well matched in all respects. After seven days of treatment patients in the naproxen sodium group had less residual symptoms and(More)
CASE HISTORY Between September and October 2013, 40 of 150 crossbred Friesian dairy calves on a farm in the Manawatu region of New Zealand developed neurological signs when between 1 and 3 months of age. Calves were grazed in multiple mobs and calves from each mob were affected. A variable response was observed to initial treatment with thiamine,(More)
During a study of gastric secretion four out of six previously healthy subjects developed hypochlorhydria after a transient illness with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Mean basal and peak acid outputs were 0 and 2 3 mmol (84 mg)/h one month after the onset of illness and 1 5 and 27 0 mmol/h (55 and 984 mg/h) at eight months' follow up. Two of the(More)
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