Hurng-Sheng Wu

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Ectopic pancreatic tissue is an uncommon developmental anomaly. The condition mostly occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and is usually asymptomatic. It rarely causes symptoms of inflammation, bleeding and perforation, and has potential for malignant change. Though it is an uncommon condition, cases of ectopic pancreas have been reported worldwide.(More)
Operation in minimally invasive surgery is more difficult since the surgeons perform operations without haptic feedback or depth perception. Moreover, the field of view perceived by the surgeons through endoscopy is usually quite limited. The goal of this paper is to allow surgeons to see wide-angle images from endoscopy without the drawback of lens(More)
BACKGROUND Mucoceles resulting from cystadenomas of the appendix are uncommon. Although rare, rupture of the mucoceles can occur with or without causing any abdominal complaint. There are several reports associating colonic malignancy with cystadenomas of the appendix. Herein, we report an unusual and interesting case of right inguinal hernia associated(More)
Wide-angle cameras have been widely used in surveillance and endoscopic imaging. An automatic distortion correction method is very useful for these applications. Traditional methods extract corners or curved straight lines for estimating distortion parameters. Hough transform is a powerful tool to assess straightness. However, previous methods usually(More)
Laparoscopic surgery is indispensable from the current surgical procedures. It uses an endoscope system of camera and light source, and surgical instruments which pass through the small incisions on the abdomen of the patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery. Conventional laparoscope (endoscope) systems produce 2D colored video images which do not provide(More)
BACKGROUND Findings related to the influence of the -160C → A promoter polymorphism and haplotypes of the E-cadherin (CDH1) gene have not been consistent in previous studies regarding the risk for sporadic gastric cancer. Investigators in most previous studies detected those genotypes using restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis. Therefore, we(More)
Gastrointestinal bleeding caused by an inver ted Meckel's diverticulum is considered a rare occurrence. We described a case of a 31-year-old male with vague abdominal pain and bloody stool due to an inverted Meckel's diverticulum. We reported the case that showed its particular findings in 99m Tc-labeled erythro-cytes (99m Tc-labeled RBC) scan, computed(More)
—This paper presents geometric techniques for self-localization improvement, especially for the robots equipped with a single catadioptric camera. We take the vertical line and intersection point matching into account, and proposed a novel descriptor named " Double-Gaussian vector ". The vector uses two Gaussian matrices to blur the process image region and(More)