Huong Tran Thi Thanh

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BACKGROUND The objectives were to assess thoughts about suicide, plans to commit suicide and suicide attempts in the community, to investigate the use of health services following a suicide attempt, and to describe basic socio-cultural indices of the community. METHOD The community survey was one component of the larger WHO multisite intervention study on(More)
BACKGROUND Attempted suicide is a key predictor of suicide, which is among the dominant causes of young people's deaths worldwide. Very little is known about the characteristics of suicide attempters in Asia, especially in Vietnam. METHODS Medical records of 509 patients (515 attempted-suicide events) admitted to Bach Mai General Hospital in Hanoi,(More)
BACKGROUND The Mental Health Country Profile is a tool that was generated by the International Mental Health Policy and Services Project to inform policy makers, professionals and other key stakeholders about important issues which need to be considered in mental health policy development. The Mental Health Country Profile contains four domains, which(More)
BACKGROUND Suicidal thought is a risk factor and a stage in the suicidal process from planning to attempting and dying by suicide. To date, studies on suicidal thought in the general population, especially in Asian communities, have been limited. METHOD The WHO SUPRE-MISS (the multisite intervention study on suicidal behaviours) community survey(More)
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