Huong Giang Nguyen

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This paper investigates the impact of public information arrivals on the mean and variance of stock price changes via order submission and execution. The Australian Securities Exchange, with a continuous disclosure regime that releases centrally time-stamped company announcements, provides us with a unique proxy for public information for our analysis. With(More)
Macro-autophagy is associated with drug resistance in various cancers and can function as an adaptive response to maintain cell survival under metabolic stresses, including androgen deprivation. Androgen deprivation or treatment with androgen receptor (AR) signaling inhibitor (ARSI), Enzalutamide (MDV-3100, ENZA) or bicalutamide induced autophagy in(More)
The OH groups on the Zr-based nodes of ultrastable UiO-66 can be metallated with V V ions in a facile fashion to give the derivative VUiO-66. This metallated MOF exhibits high stability over a broad temperature range and displays high selectivity for benzene under low-conversion conditions in the vapor-phase oxidative dehydrogenation of cyclohexene(More)
Viral nanoparticles have uniform and well-defined nano-structures and can be produced in large quantities. Several plant viral nanoparticles have been tested in biomedical applications due to the lack of mammalian cell infectivity. We are particularly interested in using Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), which has been demonstrated to enhance bone tissue(More)
Embedded applications intrinsically have high degree of parallelism, but it is difficult to exploit the parallelism due to resource constraint of embedded platforms. In order to overcome the problem, we introduced a promising processor solution to support parallel thread execution with pretty good performance while consuming small hardware resources. We(More)
Accurate modeling of angiogenesis in vitro is essential for guiding the preclinical development of novel anti-angiogenic agents and treatment strategies. The formation of new blood vessels is a multifactorial and multi-stage process dependent upon paracrine factors produced by stromal cells in the local microenvironment. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are(More)
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