Huo-yan Chen

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In this work, the interaction between the guanine-rich single-strand oligomer AG(3)(T(2)AG(3))(3) quadruplex and two Ru(II) complexes, [Ru(L(1))(dppz)(2)](PF(6))(4) (1) and [Ru(L(2))(dppz)(2)](PF(6))(4) (2) (L(1) = 5,5'-di(1-(trimethylammonio)methyl)-2,2'-dipyridyl cation, L(2) = 5,5'-di(1-(triethylammonio)methyl)-2,2'-dipyridyl cation, dppz =(More)
Novel copper(ii) complexes bearing 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) derivatives with adenine, thymine and uracil nucleobases [Cu(L(1))Cl(2)].2H(2)O (1), [Cu(L(2))Cl(2)] (2) and [Cu(L(3))Cl(2)].H(2)O (3) (L(1) = 5,5'-Di[N9-adenylmethyl]-2,2'-bipyridine, L(2) = 5,5'-Di[N1-thyminylmethyl]-2,2'-bipyridine and L(3) = 5,5'-Di[N1-uracilmethyl]-2,2'-bipyridine) were(More)
Two new Pt(II) squares with quinoxaline-bridges selectively stabilize human telomeric G-quadruplexes with high binding constants (10(7)-10(9) M(-1)) and an unprecedented binding stoichiometric ratio of Pt(II) square/G-quadruplex (6 : 1). This selectivity is likely due to the Pt(II) squares' cube-like shape. Both Pt(II) squares also show significant(More)
A new beta-cyclodextrin dimer, 2,6-dimethylpyridine-bridged-bis(6-monoammonio-beta-cyclodextrin) (pyridyl BisCD, L), is synthesized. Its zinc complex (ZnL) is prepared, characterized, and applied as a catalyst for diester hydrolysis. The formation constant (log K(ML)=7.31+/-0.04) of the complex and deprotonation constant (pK(a1)=8.14+/-0.03,(More)
The novel dinuclear Zn(ii) complex (1) containing a beta-CD dimer could accelerate BNPP (a DNA substitute) hydrolysis more efficiently than catalyze HPNP (a RNA substitute) transesterification with different mechanisms involved; the beta-CDs played remarkably different roles.
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