Huntington W. Curtis

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Introduction Electronic circuits function by identifying small packets of charge as elemental bits of information. Any noise which modifies these small packets of charge may cause the stored information to change. This electrical noise may come from well-known sources such as a noisy power supply or radiation from lightning [l]. Extensive design effort is(More)
Recent reports indicate that video display terminals (VDTs) can collect radon progeny from the air. This occurs especially when they are turned off and may have negative electric fields which attract positively charged radioactive dust. We have studied this phenomenon in detail and evaluated various techniques for removing the gettered radioactivity while(More)
This paper presents a review of experiments performed by IBM to investigate the causes of soft errors in semiconductor memory chips under field test conditions. The effects of alphaparticles and cosmic rays are separated by comparing multiple measurements of the softerror rate (SER) of samples of memory chips deep underground and at various altitudes above(More)
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