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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of cooling and heating of muscles on parameters of surface EMG (SEMG) under various well defined grades of isometric muscle contraction. In 32 healthy volunteers, aged 20-30 years, turns and amplitude (RMS) analysis was done in SEMG from the hand extensors. Muscle strength was defined by a new(More)
We present the case of a 76 year old female inpatient who suffered from a chronic intractable cough which arose simultaneously to a severe major depression and was secondary to an exorbitant psychological distress. Chronic cough had never been experienced before and was initially considered to have a mere psychogenic origin since a comprehensive and(More)
13C NMR spectra of synovial fluids from 20 patients suffering from rheumatic diseases have been recorded. Structural changes in hyaluronic acid, the main carrier of the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid, could be observed in the NMR spectra of the native biological fluid. By comparing these spectra with those of purified hyaluronic acid, a rough(More)
By means of using biomechanical methods we investigated the relations between muscle activity and ground forces that are produced during walking. Our special attention was directed forwards the touching phase of the foot which was registered via integrated electromyogram (surface electrodes) and force plateform (Kistler). The initial spike of vertical force(More)
  • H Gall
  • 1975
Not all side-effects are undesirable side-effects of a treatment. Under certain conditions allergic side-effects during the therapy of phasic psychotics affect a turn in the course of the basic illness and bring a premature end to depression. As a result of the observation of a sudden cure of a deep vital depression in a 73 year old patient in direct(More)
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