Hunter G. McClelland

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This paper describes a system for reacquiring features of interest in a shallow-water ocean environment, using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) equipped with low-cost sonar and navigation sensors. In performing mine countermeasures, it is critical to enable AUVs to navigate accurately to previously mapped objects of interest in the water column or on(More)
The paper sets out the arguments in favour of utilising both a 'strict' definition corresponding to the 'nuclear' concept of schizophrenia and a 'broader' definition that also subsumes 'atypical' schizophreniform and related syndromes. Evidence is adduced rejecting the view that attempts to effect a complete separation between 'nuclear' and other forms of(More)
This paper develops a novel method for generating discrete equations of Lagrangian mechanics that are constructed to evolve near subsets or submanifolds of the configuration space in which empirical observations are concentrated. When the discrete observations are distributed by a measure ρ on the configuration space Ω, error bounds for the(More)
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