Hunter Allen

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We have studied, over a wide range of dilutions using techniques of clot weight, thrombelastography and scanning electron microscopy, the physical properties of a blood clot formed in vitro when fresh blood was diluted with gelatin-based colloid solutions compared with crystalloid controls. The colloid solutions tested (3.5% polygeline (Haemaccel) and 4%(More)
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), flame retardant chemicals added to polymer products, have become ubiquitous in the environment, and they are bioaccumulating in humans and wildlife. Therefore, understanding their biological effects is important for public health. We have previously observed learning deficits in rats exposed to DE-71, a commercial(More)
In a controlled study of 11 women, 5 with mild essential hypertension and 6 normal volunteers, furosemide produced a significant natriuresis and diuresis without changes in the urinary excretion of prostaglandin E-like material and kallikrein. Therefore, although some evidence in man or animals suggests involvement of both of these substances in renal(More)
Radiation therapy, often used to treat gynecologic and urologic pelvic malignancies, has varying, adverse effects on the bowel. Radiation enteritis may occur from one month to 20 years after irradiation, and disabling symptoms may require surgery in 10 to 20 per cent of patients. From our experience with 20 patients who required surgery for radiation(More)
Previous studies have shown over 70% of children require analgesics following bilateral myringotomy and tube placement (BM&T). This double-blind, placebo-controlled study compared the postoperative analgesic effects of preoperatively administered oral acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Forty three ASA I or II children age six months or older scheduled for elective(More)
Eighty-nine random Pap smears of the uterine cervix were examined to evaluate the phagocytic abnormal cells (PACs) of atypical, dysplastic and neoplastic tissues against infiltrated blood cells. The results revealed that none of the PACs have been identified in atypical (II) and mild dysplastic cells (IIIa). Low levels (1.2%) of PACs were initially(More)
Robust lateralization developed in right-handed adults who were asked to judge letter pairs as "same" or "different" during 4608 trials. By the end of the first two blocks (768 trials) "same" responses were favored when presented in the RVF (transmitted directly to the left hemisphere) and "different" responses were favored when presented in the LVF(More)
13047 Background: Taxol+Bevacizumab (B) has clinical activity in Her/2 negative chemotherapy naive MBC with a PFS (11.4 mo), RR (29.9%), and OS (28.4 mo). We are conducting a single arm Phase 2 trial to assess the efficacy of Docetaxel (D)+B. Primary endpoint: time to progression. Secondary endpoints: response rate (CR + PR), response duration, overall(More)