Hung le Pham

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AIM To present the case for a primary health care (PHC) approach for dental care in Vietnam, and thereby contribute to a better understanding of the oral health problems that exist in many developing countries. METHODS Information was obtained in Vietnam through discussions with dental and medical authorities of provincial health offices, educational(More)
Denote by c = 2א0 the cardinal of continuum. We construct an intriguing family (Pα : α ∈ c) of prime z-ideals in C0(R) with the following properties: • If f ∈ Pi0 for some i0 ∈ c, then f ∈ Pi for all but finitely many i ∈ c; • T i6=i0 Pi 6⊂ Pi0 for each ı0 ∈ c. We also construct a well-ordered increasing chain, as well as a well-ordered decreasing chain, of(More)
For a locally compact group G, the measure convolution algebra M(G) carries a natural coproduct. In previous work, we showed that the canonical predual C0(G) of M(G) is the unique predual which makes both the product and the coproduct on M(G) weak∗-continuous. Given a discrete semigroup S, the convolution algebra l(S) also carries a coproduct. In this paper(More)
We investigate possible preduals of the measure algebra M(G) of a locally compact group and the Fourier algebra A(G) of a separable compact group. Both of these algebras are canonically dual spaces and the canonical preduals make the multiplication separately weak∗-continuous so that these algebras are dual Banach algebras. In this paper we find additional(More)
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