Hung-Yuan Chang

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It is generally agreed that, for a given handwriting recognition task, a user dependent system usually outperforms a user independent system, as long as a sufficient amount of training data is available. When the amount of user training data is limited, however, such a performance gain is not guaranteed. One way to improve the performance is to make use of(More)
In order to efficiently utilize available grid resources and promptly complete tasks assigned to the grid, providing a suitable job scheduling strategy for the grid computing is necessary. Lots of grid scheduling algorithms have already been developed, and some of them are used to schedule independent coarse-grained tasks. Those algorithms don't adapt very(More)
In recent years, many researchers have proposed several algorithms to schedule critical tasks in a homogeneous multiprocessor system for obtaining a shorter scheduling length. However, for heterogeneous computing systems, such methods may lead to lengthen the execution of other non-critical tasks. In this paper, a Non-critical Path Earliest-Finish (NPEF)(More)
The grid computing system can support execution of computationally intensive parallel and distributed applications. The main characteristics of grid computing system are similar to the heterogeneous computing system, except the fluctuant transfer rate. A dynamic scheduling algorithm, called dynamic HEFT (DH) algorithm is proposed in this paper to enhance(More)
Due to the rapid growth of the hardware technology, personal computers and workstations are more powerful than before. Instead of using the expensive supercomputer, many personal computers can be connected by a high speed network to form a distributed computing system, so as to decrease the cost of building a high performance computing system. To link all(More)
Video-on-demand (VOD) is one of the hottest and the most potential services of the broadband network applications. In order to offer the video-information service to numerous users nowadays, in this paper, a load balanced PC-Cluster for the VOD server system has been proposed. We adopt Two-Tier model in the systematic architecture, and use the PC-Cluster to(More)
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