Hung-Yi Cheng

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To leverage multiplexing gain, a hybrid beamforming architecture transmitting multiple data streams is widely adopted for Millimeter wave (mmWave) channel. However, for ultra-low latency mmWave communication, the hybrid design must require the development of instantaneous channel estimation. In this paper, we reveal a novel idea of progressive channel(More)
Rapid growth in the number of users (largely sensor nodes) of most Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications is widely expected in recent years. 3G or 4G protocols are designed for regular Human-to-Human communication purposes instead of low-rate, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, which is the basis of IoT. Comparatively, traditional spread-spectrum(More)
The decision feedback equalizer (DFE) is an efficient scheme to suppress intersymbol interference (ISI) in various communication and magnetic recording systems. However, most DFE implementations suffer from the phenomenon of error propagation, which degrades its bit error rate (BER) performance. In this paper, We use sphere detector (SD) to achieve maximum(More)
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