Hung-Yao Hsu

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Now that creativity is highly treasured and pursued in most domains of society, persistent needs for practical recommendations and clear-cut procedures aiming to enhance creative behaviour emerge and exist. To meet this demand, in this paper, a Creativity Enhancing (CE) model has been proposed. As human beings are regarded to possess the capacity of being(More)
Understanding the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract and the impact of the contents on the host mucosa is emerging as an important area for defining both wellness and susceptibility to disease. Targeted delivery of drugs to treat specific small intestinal disorders such as small bowel bacterial overgrowth and targeting molecules to interrogate or to(More)
CBR solves new problems by reusing the old solutions in similar context. As an effective problem-solving method, CBR has been widely applied in various areas. However, the question of whether CBR normally generates creative solutions has not been answered properly according to recent research and thus deserves attention. Consequently, an extensive(More)
Product design is the most important stage in the course of product development. All the important decision-making regarding manufacturing and assembly is made during this period. Concurrent Engineering (CE) has been proposed to facilitate the whole development processes by using multidisciplinary teamwork. Under the concept of CE there is a need to provide(More)
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