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Creativity is highly treasured and pursued in most domains of society; persistent needs for aiming to enhance creative behaviours emerge and exist. To meet this demand, a creativity enhancing (CE) model has been proposed in this paper. As human beings are regarded to possess the capacity of being creative, a human creative behaviour model has been referred(More)
This paper presents a portable multispectral data acquisition system for extending part of citrus fruit imaging and measurement purpose. An economic mechanic based fixture has been made to position and align a classical cold mirror and two CCD cameras in relative kinematic position. With optocoupler interface, two cameras have been synchronized to capture(More)
In automatic fruit harvesting system, the method of fruit identification by using machine vision has been researched underway for years. The ultimate objective of this project is to extend a ripeness study on the citrus fruit image data and the identification methodologies by multispectral analysis for fruit picking robot. To acquire the combination of the(More)
Bone cells are deformed according to mechanical stimulation they receive and their mechanical characteristics. However, how osteoblasts are affected by mechanical vibration frequency and acceleration amplitude remains unclear. By developing 3D osteoblast finite element (FE) models, this study investigated the effect of cell shapes on vibration(More)
In a bending mechanism for glass capillary, the positioning jig to hold the capillary in place is one of the most important components to ensure the bending quality. The tapered shoulder of the capillary is used as the positioning reference. Since the dimension of the shoulder of individual capillaries varies slightly, the geometry of the capillaries is(More)
Understanding the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract and the impact of the contents on the host mucosa is emerging as an important area for defining both wellness and susceptibility to disease. Targeted delivery of drugs to treat specific small intestinal disorders such as small bowel bacterial overgrowth and targeting molecules to interrogate or to(More)