Hung-Yao Hsu

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Automotive is one of the major manufacturing industries in Australia that requires extensive reliability test for the components used in vehicles. To achieve a shorter time-to-market and a highly reliable product while reducing the amount of physical prototyping, there is a growing need for better understanding on the effect that the design parameters have(More)
This paper presents a portable multispectral data acquisition system for extending part of citrus fruit imaging and measurement purpose. An economic mechanic based fixture has been made to position and align a classical cold mirror and two CCD cameras in relative kinematic position. With optocoupler interface, two cameras have been synchronized to capture(More)
Creativity is highly treasured and pursued in most domains of society; persistent needs for aiming to enhance creative behaviours emerge and exist. To meet this demand, a creativity enhancing (CE) model has been proposed in this paper. As human beings are regarded to possess the capacity of being creative, a human creative behaviour model has been referred(More)
In automatic fruit harvesting system, the method of fruit identification by using machine vision has been researched underway for years. The ultimate objective of this project is to extend a ripeness study on the citrus fruit image data and the identification methodologies by multispectral analysis for fruit picking robot. To acquire the combination of the(More)
In this paper, an image fusion is presented to improve the citrus identification by filtering the incoming data from two cameras. The citrus image data has been photographed by using a portable bi-camera cold mirror acquisition system. The prototype of the customized fixture has been manufactured to position and align a classical cold mirror with two CCD(More)
Case Based Reasoning (CBR) solves new problems by re-using the old solutions in similar contexts. However, repetition of previous solutions in new situations is not creative and thus becomes an issue to CBR, considering the fact that creativity is required to solve new problems. The majority of existing CBR applications is still used for solving routine(More)
Bone cells are deformed according to mechanical stimulation they receive and their mechanical characteristics. However, how osteoblasts are affected by mechanical vibration frequency and acceleration amplitude remains unclear. By developing 3D osteoblast finite element (FE) models, this study investigated the effect of cell shapes on vibration(More)
A product redesign approach has been developed to facilitate the product modification processes. This approach combines the idea of Function Allocation (FA), Problem Recommendation Driven Mechanism (PRDM) and the Design for Assembly (DFA) methodology to develop an effective redesign approach. The DFA is used to evaluate a product from the viewpoint of(More)
A simplified approach for the fabrication of localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensors based on gold nanorods (GNRs) is described and validated in a model immunoassay for the activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) cancer biomarker. Towards improving on standard bottom-up LSPR sensor fabrication methodologies, we demonstrate that GNRs(More)