Hung-Yang Chang

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This paper presents a retrospective view of the Charlotte distributed operating system, a testbed for developing techniques and tools to solve computation-intensive problems with large-grain parallelism. The final version of Charlotte runs on the Crystal multicomputer, a collection of VAX-111750 computers connected by a local-area network. The(More)
ion maintained by the pmap module. It may or may not match the actual storage layout of the underlying hardware. This property of the interface allowed us to implement most of the support for the RP3 NUMA architecture in the machine-dependent pmap module. Our machine-independent VM module maintained attribute specifications for regions of address spaces and(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the present retrospective study was to clarify the clinical course, major pathogens, and other infections associated with infected cephalohematoma. METHODS From January 1978 to December 2003, records of all newborns were reviewed for evidence of an infected cephalohematoma, based either on local signs of infection or a(More)
Nasal ventilation is increasingly used to reduce invasive ventilation in preterm infants. The effects of nasal ventilation and the advantages of synchronized nasal ventilation have not been fully evaluated. The objective was to compare the short-term effects of nasal intermittent mandatory ventilation (NIMV) and synchronized NIMV (S-NIMV) with nasal(More)
RP3, or Research Parallel Processing Prototype, was the name given to the architecture of a research vehicle for exploring the hardware and software aspects of highly parallel computation. RP3 was a shared-memory machine designed to be scalable to 512 processors; a 64 processor machine was in operation for two and half years starting in October 1988. The(More)
This paper presents a retrospective view of the Charlotte distributed operating system, which is intended as a testbed for developing techniques and tools for exploiting large-grain parallelism to solve computation-intensive problems. Charlotte was constructed over the course of approximately 5 years, going through several distinct versions as the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Despite the development of new adjuvant therapies, meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) remains a serious respiratory disorder in neonates. Surfactant inactivation by meconium can be overcome by use of exogenous surfactant. This study sought to assess the efficacy and safety of dilute surfactant lavage at 2 different concentrations to(More)