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Ahtract-This paper describes the first successfully implemented real-time Mandarin dictation machine developed in the world which recognizes Mandarin speech with very large vocabulary and almost unlimited texts for the input of Chinese characters into computers. Considering the special characteristics of the Chinese language, syllables are chosen as the(More)
In many applications, Chinese information is very often provided in the form of phonetic symbol sequences, and it is desired to decode such sequences into the corresponding Chinese character sequences (sentences) as the output. Phonetic input of Chinese characters into computers is a typical example. The problem is due primarily to the high degree of(More)
In this paper, a method with sentence-wide optimization consideration is proposed to generate a Mandarin sentence's pitch-contour. The developed model is called the sentence pitch-contour HMM (SPC-HMM) due to its use of VQ (vector quantization) and HMM (hidden Markov model). To construct an SPC-HMM, the pitch-contours of the syllables from each training(More)
This paper aims to report on the technical development and the realization of the world first robot theatre performance with a cast comprising two biped androids and two twin-wheeled two-armed humanoid robots. Each of the biped androids has a head with human-face, capable of showing multiple facial expressions, and a pair of 7 DOF arms with a multi-jointed(More)
In this paper, an ANN based spectrum-progression model (SPM) is proposed. This model is intended to improve the fluency level of synthetic Mandarin speech under the situation that only a small training corpus is available. In constructing this model, first each target syllable is matched with its reference syllable by using DTW. Then, each warped path, i.e.(More)
In this paper, an approach that combines HMM spectrum models and ANN prosody models is proposed to construct a speech synthesis system. Currently, a Mandarin corpus is used to show the feasibility of this approach. We hope that this approach can be used in other syllable prominent languages like Min-Nan and Hakka. In the training phase, DCC (discrete(More)
In this paper, HNM (harmonic plus noise model) is enhanced and used to design a scheme for synthesizing Mandarin singing voice. Enhancements made include synthesizing signals with higher fluency level and keeping the timbre of synthetic singing voices consistent. In terms of the signal synthesis equations rewritten here, a Mandarin singing voice synthesis(More)
— To reduce the call blocking probability (CBP) and call dropping probability (CDP) of real-time and non-real-time traffic in wireless multimedia networks, it is frequent to employ resource reservation to achieve the above-mentioned goal as well as to avoid long latency of path rebuilding. However, pure resource reservation may lead to inefficient resource(More)