Hung-Wei Hsu

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Prostate cancer (PCa) cells undergoing neuroendocrine differentiation (NED) are clinically relevant to the development of relapsed castration-resistant PCa. Increasing evidences show that autophagy involves in the development of neuroendocrine (NE) tumors, including PCa. To clarify the effect of autophagy on NED, androgen-sensitive PCa LNCaP cells were(More)
In this paper, a fast-startup TCP (fsTCP) mechanism for VoIP services in long-distance networks is proposed. Most VoIP applications usually operate on the top of UDP/IP protocol. However, there are some weaknesses in long-distance connections. For example, UDP offers no congestion control and no adjustment in voice packet rate. Traditional TCP protocol(More)
SUMOylation, as part of the epigenetic regulation of transcription, has been intensively studied in lower eukaryotes that contain only a single SUMO protein; however, the functions of SUMOylation during mammalian epigenetic transcriptional regulation are largely uncharacterized. Mammals express three major SUMO paralogues: SUMO-1, SUMO-2, and SUMO-3(More)
Breast cancer stem cells (CSCs) are highly tumorigenic and possess the capacity to self-renew. Recent studies indicated that pluripotent gene NANOG involves in regulating self-renewal of breast CSCs, and expression of NANOG is correlated with aggressiveness of poorly differentiated breast cancer. We initially confirmed that breast cancer MCF-7 cells(More)
SUMOylation is associated with epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and transcription. Epigenetic modifications of herpesviral genomes accompany the transcriptional switch of latent and lytic genes during the virus life cycle. Here, we report a genome-wide comparison of SUMO paralog modification on the KSHV genome. Using chromatin(More)
Post-translational modification (PTM) of transcriptional factors and chromatin remodelling proteins is recognized as a major mechanism by which transcriptional regulation occurs. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) in combination with high-throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq) is being applied as a gold standard when studying the genome-wide binding sites of(More)
We introduce a novel fractal board game by applying the concept of subdivision of fractals to an nxn-grid game board. Black and White place a piece by turns to compete the cell territories in the grid. As all the four vertices of a cell territory are occupied, both players score based on the number of vertices occupied by their respective game pieces on all(More)
We propose a data-driven race path synthesis framework with controllability for synthesizing realistic race paths. We represent a set of collected race paths in a path database using a formation graph in the preprocessing stage. By traversing the graph according to a given constraint, we generate a list of race path clips and combine and refine them(More)