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Feature-Based Sparse Representation for Image Similarity Assessment
To evaluate the applicability of the proposed feature-based sparse representation for image similarity assessment (FSRISA) technique, FSRISA is applied to three popular applications, namely, image copy detection, retrieval, and recognition by properly formulating them to sparse representation problems. Expand
Dictionary learning-based distributed compressive video sensing
This paper proposes a dictionary learning-based distributed compressive video sensing (DCVS) framework to “directly” acquire compressed video data and argues that much better basis can be obtained to represent the frame, compared to fixed basis-based representation and recent popular “CS-based DVC” approaches without relying on dictionary learning. Expand
Dynamic measurement rate allocation for distributed compressive video sensing
This paper investigates dynamic measurement rate allocation in block-based DCVS, which can adaptively adjust measurement rates by estimating the sparsity of each block via feedback information, and results have indicated the effectiveness of the scheme. Expand
A new coarse-time GPS positioning algorithm using combined Doppler and code-phase measurements
A new coarse-time Global Positioning System (GPS) positioning algorithm based on the use of Doppler and code-phase measurements is proposed and demonstrated to be essential for reducing the time to first fix and the power consumption in a GPS receiver. Expand
Secure SIFT-based sparse representation for image copy detection and recognition
To achieve robustness, security, and efficient storage of image features, it is proposed to extract compact local feature descriptors via constructing the basis of the SIFT-based feature vectors extracted from the secure SIFT domain of an image. Expand
Compressive image sensing for fast recovery from limited samples: A variation on compressive sensing
In order to attain better reconstruction quality from compressive sensing (CS) of images, exploitation of the dependency or correlation patterns among the transform coefficients commonly has beenExpand
Toward real-time precise point positioning: Differential GPS based on IGS ultra rapid product
This paper presents a differential GPS algorithm that is capable of providing real-time near PPP service and shows that a conventional GPS receiver may also utilize the correction to yield a real- time precise point positioning. Expand
Fast Compressive Sensing Recovery with Transform-based Sampling
We present a fast compression sensing (CS) reconstruction algorithm with computation complexity O(M2), where M denotes the length of a measurement vector Y = φX that is sampled from the signal X ofExpand
Secure transcoding for compressive multimedia sensing
A secure transcoding scheme for compressive multimedia sensing focuses on securely converting compressively sensed multimedia data with a certain number of measurements into other different numbers of measurements without resorting to reconstruct the original data. Expand
Compressive Image Sensing : Turbo Fast Recovery with Lower-FrequencyMeasurement Sampling
In order to get better reconstruction quality from compressive sensing of images, exploitation of the dependency or correlation patterns among the transform coefficients has been popularly employed.Expand