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The latissimus dorsi and the "serrato-rhomboid" complex are the muscles most often involved in present-day thoracotomies for lung surgery. The present anatomic study emphasizes: the continuity between the serratus anterior and the rhomboid levator scapulae mass as a wide muscular sheet with a deep common fascia, extending the serrato-thoracic space (of(More)
Keyword searching is the most common form of document search on the Web. Many Web publishers manually annotate the META tags and titles of their pages with frequently queried phrases in order to improve their placement and ranking. A " hidden phrase " is defined as a phrase that occurs in the META tag of a Web page but not in its body. In this paper we(More)
Most search engines do their text query and retrieval based on keyword phrases. However, publishers cannot anticipate all possible ways in which users search for the items in their documents. In fact, many times, there may be no direct keyword match between a search phrase and descriptions of items that are perfect " hits " for the search. We present a(More)