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This paper proposes a novel intelligent intra-field interpolation for motion compensated deinterlacing. This method combines the advantage of cubic curve fitting interpolation and fuzzy edge interpolation to overcome resolution degradation caused by incorrect motion vector. The intelligent intra-field interpolation scheme alleviates resolution degradation(More)
A 29-year-old woman who was pregnant for 12 weeks presented with headache for one week and drowsiness for two days. Computed tomography of the brain revealed multifocal hematomas with mass effect. Decompressive craniectomy was done to relieve the increased intracranial pressure. Magnetic resonance angiography and cerebral angiography were subsequently(More)
Tunnel pressure (TP) has been linked to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), but the clinical significance of TP is still under investigation. The present study included 58 hands that were diagnosed with idiopathic CTS by nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and received divisions of the flexor retinaculum through a mini-open procedure. Preoperative and postoperative(More)
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